Welcome to VO2 Max Racing Events

At VO2 Max Racing Events, we are committed to improving the quality of single- and multi-sport events in the North East region. Our focus is firmly on the competitor and straightforward, well organised, good quality races are our trademark. We cater for people of all abilities, young and old, through training to competition and we want you all to have a fantastic experience.

Triathlon and Multi-sport events are among the friendliest and most sociable, whether you are aiming to compete or just want to train, you will be surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals of all ages and gender.

Our events are fully inclusive and there will always be people willing to offer advice or kind enough to help you out. At our events you will be well looked after and surrounded by people who are enthusiastic about the sport and genuinely want to help.

Our lake-based Triathlon Events attracted competitors from all over the country and abroad. We have two great venues at Druridge Bay Country Park and the stunning Woodhorn Museum.

Our Open water swim training Sessions have continued to grow with many new people coming to train at our sessions making this extremely popular, with beginners, recreational swimmers’ triathletes and competitive open water swimmers alike. Many tell us that this is their main weekly session throughout the summer months. We think this is the North East’s ‘Premiere’ open water training venue.

Looking ahead to 2022...

Warmseal Woodhorn Museum Triathlon

Saturday, 10th July 2021Woodhorn Museum

We are pleased to announce that the 2021 Warmseal Woodhorn Museum Triathlon has been selected to host the ITU World Standard Distance Triathlon Qualifier & the Triathlon England Standard Distance Triathlon Championships.

Te event is located within the unique historic scheduled ancient monument of Woodhorn Museum national archives and the stunning QE2 Country park. The Warmseal Woodhorn triathlon recently hosted the British Triathlon age group championships and an ETU Standard Distance Triathlon European Championship Qualifier in 2019, this event has everything you need for a great day of racing.