QE2 Open Water Swim Training Sessions - Thursday 6th May 2021 .

Just under two weeks to go until the start of the open water swim training sessions at the QE2 Lake.
Start date: Thursday 6th May: registration from 6pm.
Please remember, All swimmers must pre-register online here: https://resultsbase.net/event/5643
The Swim training swim maps and session rules will be on our webpage next week. They will also be emailed out to all those that have pre- registered.
QE2 Open water Swim Sessions - Safety Information
  • Respect the Governments Covid-19 Guidelines while at the sessions
  • A Covid-19 Officer will be present at the swim sessions
  • Please consider using a face mask / covering while on site / registering until you are ready to enter the water
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the registration desk
  • Please also bring your own hand sanitiser for your personal use
  • All swimmers must have pre-registered online
  • All swimmers must register at the registration desk before entering the water
  • The wearing of wetsuits is compulsory
  • A Keyboard is provided for your personal keys whilst you swim. 
  • All swimmers must inform the registration desk sign out when exiting the lake
  • Please see the Open water swim course maps so that you are familiar with the swim course and swim direction.
  • Enter the water at the Concrete Jetty in front of the registration desk, please be careful getting into the lake!
  • Keep the marker buoys to your Left, swim in an Anti-Clockwise direction.
  • We recommend that you wear a bright coloured Swim hat whilst swimming
  • Swim within your limits
  • Canoe cover provided within the session
  • If you get into difficulty whilst swimming, shout for the attention of the nearest safety craft and then signal, by putting one arm up in the air and then lower it to a 90-degree angle and keep doing this to attract the safety crew’s attention. You can roll onto your back and your wetsuit will keep you afloat until the safety crew gets to you.
  • Do not panic…Exit points around the lake, very shallow. if you wish to get out of the lake, please inform the registration desk
  • This is a fishing lake and used by the local fishing club/competitions. We have permission from NCC to use the lake on Thursday’s ONLY during May – July. Please don’t use the lake for swimming at any other times.